45 Artist Proof • 495 Limited Edition

TIME: 3 A.M.

Almost all my photographs begin with a personal vision of how I want the image to communicate with a viewer. It’s this deep desire to evoke emotion to experiences in nature that aren’t always accessible that drives me to push the limits of my creativity. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the night skies and the infinite stories waiting to be discovered when we look upwards to ­­­­the trillions of stars and countless worlds. After many days of searching, I stood at the base of this majestic waterfall, with the spires of the mountains forming a gate to the heavens, and envisioned a composition as complex and detailed as the scene itself. I knew instantly I’d found exactly what I wanted.

Shooting the night skies is extremely challenging but also incredibly rewarding, because while we can see the stars and a white milky dust cloud, with the use of long exposures a hidden world of nebulae and coloured gases is revealed. Beneath the canopy of The Milky Way, with the sound of the falls in my ears, I felt as tiny as one of those specks of space dust, but my creativity was inspired. It was a profound moment, and I think my conflicted feelings of awe and tranquillity are captured perfectly in this transcendent portrait of the secrets of the universe not visible to the human eye. It’s the comprehension of how much we don’t know that makes this image so monumental for me, and when I look at it, I’m transported back to that moment, when I felt as small and as large as a man could be. It’s my hope that you, the viewer, feel it too.

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