45 Artist Proof • 495 Limited Edition


I live in constant awe of the artistry of Mother Nature. It fuels my creative drive to capture the mesmerizing compositions that can be found within her brush strokes. In my photography, as well being mindful of the aesthetics of an image, I strive to look deeper to uncover the inherent symbolism that is often hidden within the natural world. This was one such truly memorable occasion.

Aspens rarely appear in isolation, growing in groves of many trees. But while it may appear these groves comprise individual trees, they are in fact a single organism, connected by the roots – each relying on the others for survival. I wanted to convey this fascinating familial dynamic and the concept of vital interconnection, which as humans I believe we can relate to.

I knew the composition would be critical, so I searched the back roads between Aspen and Telluride looking for the perfect place. When I discovered this grove of aspens, I knew the hundreds of miles and hours of driving had been worth it. The conditions were perfect: residual moisture from the previous evening saturated the rich colors and the low, overcast dawn skies created a diffuse, pure light. Like a painter adding layers to a canvas, I wanted to highlight the graphic composition and textural patterns of the trunks of the aspens in the foreground, while emphasising the stunning contrast of the vibrant red leaves. As I watched and waited, I instinctively felt the mood of the forest synchronize and felt privileged to be part of the rhythm. I held my breath and pressed the shutter to capture an image that embodies the essence of life, family and interconnection.

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