Artist Proof 45 • Limited Edition 495

There is something intriguing about the White Sands in New Mexico. The 275 square miles of isolated gypsum crystal slopes, etched with textured ripples of sand caused by the winds that rip through the area each night provide a soft quasi-mystical appearance.

The vastness of these pure white sand dunes definitely draws one in.

Capturing manifestations of the true spirit of Mother Nature can be a challenge. It’s what drives me. Every day is different, constantly changing, and one never quite knows what the pursuit of yet another perceived mystery will reveal.

Among other sundry and divergent musings, I had occasionally pondered searching white sand dunes for “the shot.” Often there are only a couple of minutes logistical or technical windows either at sunrise or sunset to work with, so it’s vital to find a potentially great location prior to the appearance of such an event.

Negotiating miles of brilliant white sand dunes chasing the light in the bright midday sun while squinting the whole way was intense. Due to the paucity of contrast, this put me in a perceived total isolation, constantly having to “get my bearings right” somewhat distracted by the thought that getting lost out there was not in the plan.

Late afternoon light was critical for this shot, and as I hiked, the perspective constantly changed.

Nearing the end of the day, there appeared this lone, isolated yucca growing out of the wind-sculptured desert floor. Could this be a part of “the shot” previously conceived?

Being careful not to disturb the sand, it became harder to compose a shot so as not to risk having my footsteps visible in the image.

As the clouds rolled in, the late afternoon sun lengthened the shadows over the contours of the dunes. For that short moment it was as if time stopped.

I took a series of shots as the golden light began to fade away.

Being out there, isolated from the world, capturing the landscape was as exhilarating as it was soulful. It is my wish to share this with you.