45 Artist Proof • 495 Limited Edition

Nature paints her portraits more skilfully than any artist or photographer could ever hope to emulate; we can only follow her lead and strive to do justice to her gifts. Even after so many years of chasing the light to encapsulate the essence of what we call ‘the magic hour’, at sunrise and sunset, I never cease to be awed by the power, presence, and utter perfection of these tranquil times. Every morning and evening, an unseen hand draws from an infinite palette of color, to create a masterpiece staggering in its simplicity and inspiring in its drama.

I’d spent days scouting the shores of Kauai, along the Na Pali coastline, looking for a very special perspective. Previously, I’d come across the Hawaiian word Kailani, which means “heavenly sea and sky”, and I wanted to capture an image that truly depicted that concept. When I discovered this place, late on the last afternoon of my trip, I was sure I’d found it.

I set up my tripod, my ankles lapped by the incoming tide and the warm, salty air brushing my face. It was a strange feeling, almost like I was a part of the scene myself. With a storm approaching, the clouds were wild and tangled, chasing themselves across the sky, and as the sun painted their undersides with warm, golden light, I clicked my shutter in synch with the crashing waves. The translucent greens and blues of the ocean contrasted the blushing hues of the sky, spliced by the horizon, yet somehow seamlessly connected. A heavenly meeting, just as nature intended. Kailani…

As humans we take it for granted that the sun will rise and set every day; that there will always be another brilliant show put on by Nature for our pleasure. But no matter how many hours I spend watching, and waiting for the light, I still believe there’s something unique and irreplaceable in every day. I’m so grateful I was there on that particular day to witness this heavenly meeting of sea and sky.