Artist Proof 45 • Limited Edition 495

Sometimes I muse that my creative ambitions can be equated to a search for enlightenment – not so much for the meaning of life, but for my own purpose within it, through photography. I think it’s why I’m so keenly tuned in to the symbolism that can be observed around us daily. I look for the reasons I end up in a particular place, at a particular time, and the hours, days, and weeks I spend in the pursuit of a single gallery image are always worth it.

On a frosty morning in the Florida Keys, I stood on an empty beach waiting for the dawn to break, contemplating this gnarled old jetty. As a cool, damp fog rolled in, the sky and ocean were illuminated by the diffuse sunlight, painting them in a seamless graduation of brilliant pinks, oranges, and purples. The scene was shrouded in an ethereal translucent gauze, obscuring the horizon, and transforming the weather-worn, silvery timber jetty into what looked like a pathway – crooked and imperfect, yet strong and true, beckoning the viewer to an invisible destination. To me, it felt symbolic of the path we’re presented in life, and the faith and courage we need to walk it; to stride out towards that unseen horizon, not knowing what’s at the end, but always remaining open to the journey.

I took so many images from different aspects and vantages that morning, with the composition and light slightly different in each, but as soon as I saw this one, it spoke to me. Somehow it captures the feeling of interior warmth I’d felt that chilly morning alone on the beach. This jetty disappearing into nothingness feels like my pathway in photography: a journey of strength, resilience, and the fortitude to follow the light, follow my heart, and discover where they lead.