ARBORVANADeer Valley, Utah
Artist Proof 45 • Limited Edition 495

Looking for total bliss in nature was the goal. It can be overwhelming, daring and sometimes beyond exasperating. One thinks one is close to capturing the shot and somehow, Mother Nature has a different idea, and it’s just not quite there. To a purist, I confess, it has to be right before the shutter clicks.

Working with nature, especially in the Fall takes a lot of patience, knowing the signs, understanding, and always being ready at a moment’s notice. There is something magical, something mysterious and something calming about a forest, especially an Aspen one.

Oh, to capture that elusive feeling. At length after driving thousands of miles and hiking for days through every back road from Utah to Colorado, this magical scene presented itself. Composition was critical to highlight the beautiful formation of the group of three perfect trees in the foreground.

The pure white trunks stood straight like pillars as the adjacent soft-flowing river added calmness to the ever-changing leaf colors, adding a visual touch culminating in the feeling sought. More than just a photograph, it far exceeded what was initially imagined when embarking upon this quest. Taken in total awe of such beauty soon sparked the cognition that this scene would not last long. When all the moods of the forest synchronized, I took a deep breath and pressed the shutter. The smell of the cool autumn air added another sense to the scene…total serenity.